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Industry-Leading Customer Support

Once you move in, Level Homes is always available to help maintain your new home with industry-leading customer support. When you have a warranty issue, our customer support specialists will assess your situation and get one of our skilled technicians to your home as soon as possible. Level Homes also offers direct numbers to our specialists to quickly diagnose and remedy emergency plumbing, HVAC or structural issues.


If you have a homeowner user name and password, you can submit your request through our Online Portal. If you do not have a homeowner user name and password, you can email us your request at [email protected]



Customer Care Philosophy

Level Homes employs a team of Customer Care Managers, Construction Managers and Technicians to ensure our homeowners have a worry-free ownership experience. We also require all trade partners, craftsmen and third-party providers to adhere to our customer service and workmanship standards.

We stand behind our homes. Level Homes provides a 1-Year Workmanship Warranty, 2-Year Systems Warranty, and 10-Year Structural Warranty. Download the full warranty booklet for more information.

1-Year Workmanship Warranty

This warranty covers clearly defined standards for defects in materials and workmanship for the first year after closing. This component of the warranty includes roof covering, cabinets, countertops, door panels, exterior siding, hardwood floor, ceramic tile, drywall, interior trim, carpet, paint and the fireplace.

2-Year Systems Warranty

This warranty covers defects in the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems for a full two years after closing. This component of the warranty includes supply piping, ductwork, waste piping and electrical wiring.

10-Year Structural Warranty

This warranty covers all load-bearing elements to ensure the safety of the home for up to ten years after closing. This component of the warranty includes roof framing, load-bearing walls, beams, columns, floor framing and the foundation. The State of Louisiana only requires a 5-year structural warranty.

Level Homes is committed to providing our homeowners with honest, accurate and ongoing communication about the status of their new home. Whether you are building a new home or buying a home already under construction, we offer a series of project update meetings at key milestones before, during and after the construction of your new home.

Pre-Construction Meeting

This meeting is scheduled prior to the start of construction with a Level Homes Sales Counselor to review the Purchase and Sale Agreement, Option Addendum and any Design Studio selections made during your Design Studio appointment.

Pre-Drywall Meeting

Level Homes hosts an on-site meeting once the framing and mechanical rough-in work has been completed. At this point in the process, your Level Homes Construction Manager and Design Studio Representative will illustrate the location of all outlets, switches, plumbing locations and any other electrical features. We also take this opportunity to educate our future homeowners on the structural aspects of their home while the framing is exposed.

New Homeowner Orientation

Level Homes schedules a new home orientation meeting  to provide important information about the details of your home and how to maintain it. Moving into a new home is exciting and we want to make the transition to your new home and community a stress-free, fun experience for your entire family.

During this meeting, we review all of the information about your new home:

  • Transferring Utilities
  • Appliance Registration
  • Scheduled Maintenance

Final Walk-Through

Level Homes has an extended Customer Care program that goes beyond closing to make sure that the various components of your new home are maintained properly once you have moved and nestled into your new Level Homes home. A representative from Level Homes will schedule an appointment with you 30 days after closing.

I’ve always thought building a new home would be stressful, complicated and expensive. The Level Homes team always made sure I knew how my home was progressing. With each meeting and update, I was more confident in my decision to purchase with Level Homes.

When my husband and I started looking for a new house, we were blown away by the quality and value Level Homes offered. From start to finish, the team worked with us to ensure we ended up with our dream home. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, hardworking and kind group of people to help us navigate the building process.

Courtney Tidwell

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