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The Best Houseplants for Bathrooms

February 12, 2019 6:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Adding plants to any of the homes in Surf City NC just seems to enhance the coastal atmosphere. They bring a sense of nature, beauty, and can even help improve the air quality in a room. While some homeowners may be seasoned experts with houseplants, some may not be as familiar with the number of plants that can grow in a variety of environments. The bathroom may seem like one of the most difficult rooms to keep a plant, due to the usual lack of extensive natural light, but you’d be surprised at just how many plants actually thrive in that type of environment. Here are a few to add that perfect finishing touch to any of your bathrooms.

A classic for bathrooms is aloe vera, in part because it practically belongs in the medicine cabinet thanks to its healing properties. Although it does like full sunlight and works well on bathroom window ledges if you have one, they also do just fine in artificial light. While they need to be watered deeply, they don’t need to be watered often, as they need to dry thoroughly to avoid root rot.

Lucky bamboo, though not actually bamboo, is a great bathroom plant as they don’t even need soil. Some indirect light, a container with pebbles for the plant, and water just over the roots is all you need to grow this lovely plant.

If you’re interested in elegant, decorative plants that bloom, consider the peace lily or even an orchid. Peace lilies produce beautiful white flowers that contrast beautifully against the dark green foliage. Best of all, they shouldn’t be overwatered, so they’re great for rooms where they may easily be forgotten. When the soil looks particularly dry, just add a bit of water from the sink or shower! Orchids do tend to need at least some bright, indirect light in order to bloom, but they are tropical plants and do well in the humid conditions of bathrooms.

Finally, when in doubt, go with the hardy spider plant that seems to grow in just about any conditions. They need a drying out period between waterings, which comes in handy if you forget about it occasionally, but they grow easily and during the spring, they produce spiderettes, little blooms that can be cut and repotted if you want to spread this versatile plant throughout your home.

No matter your bathroom designs and lighting options, you’re sure to find the perfect plant among these options for the bathrooms in your homes in Surf City NC. Embrace the coastal, tropical vibe of Surf City and add some beautiful greenery into your home, even in the bathroom. Every room deserves some beautiful finishing touches and you can’t get much more beautiful than a bit of nature.

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