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Typically, people moving to Cary aren’t originally from the area; in fact, a large percentage of the population comes from outside North Carolina and even sometimes outside the country. A large part of that stems from the universities and big industries that draw the best people from around the world. Homes in Cary NC, such as the ones at the exclusive Willow Oak community, serve as a bedroom community for bigger cities like Raleigh, yet Cary has no shortage of amenities, and homes here are in high demand.

Cary is perfectly situated to get to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill with a short commute. Because of its ideal location, particularly to the Research Triangle Park, the population continues to grow with a diverse, well-educated and sophisticated demographic. Despite the growing number of residents, Cary remains one of the safest places to live, regionally and nationally.

While it may technically be a bedroom community, Cary has no shortage of attractions, including a wealth of sporting opportunities — both watching and playing — plus unique shopping, quality dining, coffee choices galore, and more than 30 parks, including the 310-acre Bond Park with a lake for boating, and 36 greenway trails open sunrise to sunset. The Willow Oak community is centrally located in Cary to provide easy access to all of this and more. Plus, you’re also just a few hours drive from either the beach or the mountains.

There’s so much to enjoy, from multiple farmers markets to Booth Amphitheater. Every summer, you’ll find much of the population heading to Booth Amphitheater for outdoor concerts from big names and the NC Symphony. There are also outdoor films and other events. Take your chairs and blankets, not to mention your own portable banquet, and sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. You’ll probably run into quite a few friends and acquaintances while you’re there and maybe make more. In Cary, you get small town charm with big city amenities.

These are just a few of the many perks to living in Cary. It’s a great town for families and communities like Willow Oak are located by some of the many great schools in the area, including Davis Drive Elementary, Davis Drive Middle School, and Green Hope High. Willow Oak also offers some of the most spacious homes in Cary NC, so contact Level Homes today to find out more about the ideal homes waiting for you in this charming town.

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