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An increasing number of home designs now include a loft space as part of the layout or as an option. In fact, the various new homes in Surf City NC at The Arbors community all 2-story home designs feature a loft option, with many already part of the design. These open spaces are visually appealing, but they’re also incredibly useful. They can easily be altered as your needs change, so that as you and your family grow, you can make the most of this space’s flexibility.

For families with younger children, the loft is a great area to turn into a playroom. Not only does it give them space to run wild with their imaginations, it also helps prevent the spread of some toys into the rest of the home. While you’re never going to win that battle completely, having a room dedicated to toys and games helps.

As your children get older and move into their teens, the loft is a great hang-out space for them and their friends. Keep it casual and comfy and maybe include a small fridge and cabinets for drinks and snacks. This space is perfect for their game system, but you could also put a desk in, as well, to give them room to do homework on occasion.

Alternatively, if you have a home office, the loft space is perfect for setting up your own desk, file cabinets, and bookshelves, or whatever materials you need for work. You can get creative and use more attractive furnishings than regular office furniture since it is a part of your home. Plus, you can decorate in a way that will inspire you.

Kids aren’t the only ones who need a place to have fun and adults shouldn’t be all work and no play. Use the loft area for your own games room or turn it into a room dedicated to crafts and hobbies. From painting to model building to quilting, a loft is a great place to dedicate to your passion without taking up needed bedrooms. Of course, it can also be used as an exercise or yoga/meditation space. When your workout equipment isn’t hidden away, it’s easier to stop and do a workout whenever the mood strikes.

While the homes at The Arbors and other Level Homes communities include spacious bedrooms, you may find that you need room for guests on occasion. If your bedrooms are already claimed, you can turn the loft space into a guest room with pull-out sofa beds and other furnishings that can do double duty. In fact, you could make the loft into a cozy reading nook, filled with bookcases, paired with comfy chairs and sofas that fold out into beds. For added privacy for your guests, you could always include a decorative and functional folding screen.

The new homes in Surf City NC at The Arbors offer the kind of flexibility that homeowners are looking for today. As families grow and change, the homes need to be able to adapt. From young families to empty nesters, a loft space provides a wealth of options and attractive living space. Contact Level Homes today to learn more about their variety of floor plans that feature outstanding loft options.  Taylor Brown, call or text 919.258.2700, [email protected]


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