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The first day of spring was March 20th. And if you’re like a good amount of your new homes in Prairieville LA neighbors, you may not have begun your spring cleaning just yet. But don’t fret. Before you tackle your spring cleaning, it’s important to declutter your home to help make spring cleaning a bit easier. Here are five tips for decluttering your home before you tackle your spring cleaning.

  1. Start small – Don’t get overwhelmed with all that you have to do. Start small and then work your way from there. Have a box for items you plan to donate, a trash bag for items you plan on throwing away, and a box or basket for things you need to put back in their rightful place.
  2. Clear off the countertops – These can become a magnet for clutter. Clear off anything that doesn’t belong on your countertops and other surfaces. Keep only what is essential to make this a clean and presentable area.
  3. Dust, dust, and dust some more – Dust and dirt are attracted to surfaces. No matter how much you dust more dust and dirt will accumulate on your surfaces. Nonetheless, dusting should be part of your decluttering routine. Wipe down and dust off your ceiling fans, countertops and other surfaces in your home.
  4. Pack away seasonal items – A new season is the perfect time to stow any seasonal items that you still have out. From your comforters, throw blankets and window coverings to winter coats, sweaters, and shoes, these are all items that can be stowed away until next year.
  5. Collectibles – You may be someone who still purchases real movies and books instead of their digital counterparts. If this is the case you probably have more books and movies in your collection than you will ever read or watch. You may look to downsize your collection of movies and books you don’t plan of reading or watching or even donating them to your neighbors. You might even want to add more storage shelves to house these if you don’t see yourself getting rid of these items.

We hope these tips will help you declutter your home before you start to spring clean. Spring time is also an ideal time to look for a new home. Level Homes is a proud builder in the new homes in Prairieville LA community of Germany Oaks. We have an array of available homes for sale in Germany Oaks. Contact us today at 225-663-1809 to learn about our available inventory.