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If you’ve never spent the holidays by the coast, you don’t know what you’re missing. So if you’ve recently moved into one of the homes in Wilmington NC in the beautiful Bellaport community or perhaps The Arbors community in Hampstead NC, you’re in for a great treat. If you’re trying to convince family members to come visit, there are plenty of reasons why everyone should head to the coast for the holidays.

While the water may be too cold for swimming, there are still plenty of great ways to get in some exercise to work off all of those holiday treats and feasts. Get up early for a sunrise walk along the beach or just enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach at any time of day. Walking on sand is a surprisingly effective workout, especially on the drier sand away from the shoreline. Of course, you can also go running, biking or play some golf, all in a beautiful coastal setting where the temperatures tend to be that little bit warmer, but with just enough nip in the air from the ocean to still feel like it’s the holiday the season.

You can also make some new holiday traditions. White sand is a nice swap for white snow, especially since it doesn’t require any shovelling! Plus, the towns along the coast often host special parades, parties and other events that combine the holidays with the coastal atmosphere. From holiday boat parades to special sand dollar ornaments for your tree, there’s a lot to incorporate into your usual celebrations. And for those who like to eat seafood on Christmas Eve, you couldn’t ask for a better location!

No matter the time of year, spending time at the coast is just plain good for you. After a long, busy year, head to the coast for the holidays to relax and unwind. Pick up some extra Vitamin D from the sunshine, feel revived by the invigorating sea air with its wonderful salty perfume, and embrace the relaxed vibe that is a part of coastal living, where you can feel your blood pressure dropping and your heart beating a little slower. By the end of the holidays, you’ll be refreshed and recharged to start the new year.

Of course, some people may realize that they want to live by the coast full time. If they close on one of the move-in-ready homes in Wilmington NC at Bellaport before December 31, 2018, the home will come with a blinds, refrigerator, and washer/dryer package. If you choose one of the move-in-ready homes in Hampstead NC at The Arbors, you could have $10,000 to use as you choose if you close by December 31, 2018. These are just a few more reasons why spending the holidays and the whole year by the coast make life that little bit more happy and relaxed.

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