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If you’re someone who loves to entertain, choosing the right property among the variety of Raleigh NC homes is incredibly important. You need something to fit your personal style and features that will make your guests feel welcome, whether it’s a few friends over for drinks or the whole family over for the holidays. The homes at 5401 North are ideal for entertaining, thanks to a wealth of design features, as well as the amenities within the community.

One of the things that every home needs if you entertain at all is a good kitchen island. Everyone knows that any party eventually spreads to the kitchen, and no matter the age, even just having a few friends dropping by means there will inevitably be a gathering in the kitchen. Each of the homes at 5401 North features a spacious kitchen with an island perfect for cooking or hanging out. Plus, you have lots of shelving and a pantry to ensure plenty of space for special serving dishes, snacks, and anything else you need to host friends and family.

Another feature every home should have is great outdoor space, preferably with easy flow between indoors and outdoors. The homes at 5401 North are ideal for hosting parties, thanks to so many covered porches on most homes. You’ll always have plenty of space for your guests indoors with the open floor plans. However, a great way to make the most of your entertaining space is to let the indoors and outdoors work together. Although it may be a bit too cold right now, North Carolina weather often cooperates and you could easily move the bar area or the food table out onto a covered porch, or simply make sure you have plenty of seating and tables outside for guest to congregate. Add in some atmospheric lights and you’ll want to enjoy the area even when you don’t have guests.

Finally, whether you’re simply looking for a way to save guests from having to drive home at night or if you’re looking to host friends and family for a few days, you’ll need additional sleeping options. While the homes at 5401 North feature numerous floor designs with four or five bedrooms, you may need some of those rooms for purposes other than sleeping. However, if you have a home office, you could either include a fold-out sofa bed or consider adding in a pull-down Murphy bed, which could serve up extra storage and sleeping space without taking up a large footprint in your home.

Of course, 5401 North also has a community pool and clubhouse ideal for parties and entertaining.  The entire community is designed to be social, convenient and a place where you never have to go far to find just what you need. If you’re in the market for Raleigh NC homes that are perfect for entertaining, look no further than 5401 North. Contact Level Homes today to learn more about this outstanding community.

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